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Italy, 2018, 89 mins

Dir. Stefano Amatucci 

Screenplay: Davide Morganti, Stefano Amatucci

Cinematography: Roberta Allegrini, Rocco Marra

Editing: Paco Centomani

Scenography: Massimiliano Forlenza

Costumes: Teresa Acone

Cast: Luisa Amatucci, Helmi Dridi, Isa Danieli, Gabriele Saurio

Production: Movieland Production Italia

Caina is a former hit-woman  with a xenophobic and violent attitude. Her life has  been filled with hate towards immigrants, blacks and muslims. Her job is to guard the beach and pick up the corpses of illegal immigrants who have drowned off-shore in their desperate attempt to reach the coast. It’s a lucrative business and Caina  faces the competition of many illegal corpse-collectors.