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Italy, 2017, 86 mins

Dir. A. Rak, I. Cappiello, M.Guarnieri, D. Sansone 

Art directors: Barbara Ciardo, Annarita Calligaris, Antonia Emanuela Angrisani Animators: Laura Sammati Ivana Verze Danilo Florio

3D – Cgi: Corrado Piscitelli, Davide Maimone, Mattia Florio, Italo Scialdone

Original music: Antonio Fresa, Luigi Scialdone. Produced and edited by Ala Bianca Group S.r.l.

With songs by: Guappecartò, Francesco Di Bella, I Virtuosi Di San Martino, Marlboro Recording Society, Daniele Sepe, Enzo Gragnaniello, Ilaria Graziano and Francesco Forni, Foja


“Slick, creative animation and largely enjoyable music make “Cinderella the Cat” one of the best Italian animated films of recent years and a step up from co-director Alessandro Rak’s well-regarded 2013 debut, “The Art of Happiness.” This time, Rak and equal collaborators Ivan Cappiello, Marino Guarnieri, and Dario Sansone are again in Naples, using a riff on the Cinderella story to comment on the city’s failed promises while also making sly asides about Italian corruption in general. Jazzy numbers are the best in a full score, and the use of 3D software incorporated into the 2D format creates a fantasy world of evocative multi-plane imagery. Adult animation lovers will feel rewarded, and international distribution could result if buzz is strong enough.” Variety Magazine